About Jumpshots

Did you grow up loathing photo sessions at Sears or Walmart? Are those photos still on the walls of your parents living room all these years later? Of course they are.

For many years now at the end of a magazine shoot I would have my subjects jump as the last shot- it’s sort of a tradition I carried forward from jumping shots the famous fashion photographer Richard Avedon did throughout his long and fantastic career. Then one day I had a 20-ish brother and his sisters in for a ‘surprise portrait’ for mom and dad. We did typical standing shots of course, but it was the jumpshot that was ordered and framed and made mom cry– and a new business was born.

The Jumpshots experience is a whole lot of fun (if a bit exhausting) and the results are truly one of a kind- all it takes is a little muscle and a dash of humour! I’ve merged the classic style of portraits on white with a bit of action know-how for timeless images worthy to be the focal point of any room.

I want to change the way people think about portraits, and this behind the scenes look at Jumpshots I hope will do just that.

The website:  www.jumpshots.ca

On Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jumpshotsca

On Twitter for blog updates, special events and promotions: jumpshotsToronto / @jumpshotsca

Give us a call: 647.342.6337

The studio is located at: 270 Carlaw Avenue in Leslieville (just north of Queen Street)


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